Education Plays a vital role in individual's harmony. Education Should not only ensure the Physical, intellectual and spiritual growth but also raise the moral and social consciousness, enrich one's self confidence and selfmanagement ability.

Our School considers education as a very important area in our social intervention. we belive that education forms a vital instrument in bringing about social change.

Our school should not be a mere factory producing Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers and so on but an institution from which will emerge fully flowered human beings. Education here is value based. The focus is on human values that will enlighten and enrich our children's hearts and souls to lead them in hte right direction.

Our school makes an earnest effort to give utmost priority to make each student a compelete human being. By Developing and facilitating a meaningful interpersonal relationship between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and students and parents, we try to place people before realities, makes them work on what matter to them and to learn from them rather than always teach.

We express our sincere gratitude to the teachers, Students and parents who are all part of this humanization process towards achieving harmony and peace in the world we live and for the world we are upto.
May God bless our efforts and guide our endeavours.

With regards
Mr.Vasa Jeyaprakash,M.A.,- President
Mr.P.S.M.M.G. GANESAN- Secretary
Mr.K.M.A.V.A.J.Asokan - Vice - President
Mr.V.A.S.C.B.Mohan,B.A.,- Treasurer


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